Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Preserving Memories Thoughts

The older I get the more I think that preserving our memories for future generations is really important. I am one of the lucky ones..... between my husband and I we still have four Grandparents alive!
My Grandfather recently went into a home and and it is really hard to think that in the upcoming years....it is inevitable that we wont have them anymore. That means that all the stories and information goes with them.....
SO, its important to journal and take the pictures.Someone said that by scrapbooking you really are preserving the memories for one, maybe two generations - but to me those generations are the most important! My children and their children will maybe get enjoyment out of my work and that's all that matters!
Who knows...maybe I'm the "first" in a LONG line of scrapbookers who will preserve memories for multiple generations!

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